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Is there a free system upgrade?
Users can download and install the new version for free. Please contact the after-sales staff for downloading the new version.

What industries and scenarios can IIMT cooperative robots be applied to?
It is widely used in 3C, automobile, hardware and household appliances, medical and health care, scientific research and education, catering, new retail, logistics and other industries. It supports typical processes such as loading and unloading, assembly, packaging and stacking, screw locking, polishing, injection molding, gluing and dispensing, testing, welding, etc.

What are the communication methods of iimt Cobot?
IIMT Cobot has two communication modes: i/o signal communication and Ethernet based communication. The internal interface of the control box includes 16 Di signals, 16 do signals, 4 al signals and 4 Ao signals. The tool end has 4 Di signals, 4 do signals and 2 al signals. The Ethernet communication includes Modbus protocol, socket, PLC, PROFINET, etc.

Can IIMT Cobot be equipped with AGV platform?
Sure. IIMT Cobot is equipped with a special control cabinet for AGV platform, which can be placed inside the vehicle body. The control cabinet supports serial port protocol and Ethernet protocol. In addition, the collective intelligent manufacturing composite robot (MCR) is composed of mobile robots and cooperative robots. It adopts laser navigation technology, has "hands, feet, eyes and brain", adopts SLAM algorithm, is equipped with perfect safety system and modular tooling, can independently detect, plan, navigate, avoid obstacles and charge, and complete difficult tasks such as grasping, transportation and assembly.

What application scenarios does the iimt unmanned vehicle support?
IIMT unmanned vehicle (AMR) uses laser radar navigation technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to calculate the path and conduct autonomous path planning. Equipped with disinfection and sterilization, UV lamp, voice and other modules, it realizes the functions of intelligent epidemic prevention disinfection and sterilization, guidance, catering distribution and so on.
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