What is the future coffee shop in your mind?

2022-06-20 10:06

Coffee is no longer just a drink. It is gradually closely linked with fashion, taste and sociality, reflecting a highquality modern lifestyle; Or making friends and talking, or business talks, or leisure, all in a cup of coffee filled with fragrance.

What is the online red shop in your heart, who loves coffee?

It is a secret garden hidden at the corner of the street. The lush trees and flowers shuttle through the shadows of leaves in the afternoon. The desserts and coffee are very pleasant.

It is also a popular coffee shop full of fashion elements. It is equipped with various hand-made coffee shops, which can punch in and take photos while drinking coffee.

It is also a warm shop with dreams. A barista is guarding a shop and chatting about life dreams while drinking coffee.

However, feelings can not resist the cruel reality, and love can not resist the operating pressure. Physical stores around the world have fallen into a wave of closure.

No matter how warm these coffee shops have brought us, the continuous rise of rent, the rise of raw material costs and the rise of labor costs are squeezing the living space of physical coffee shops.

At the same time, the popularization of mobile payment, the rapid popularization of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and Internet cutting-edge technologies,

Artificial intelligence and robots are gradually entering our lives, and technology is pushing us to a better future.

So what will the coffee shop be like in the future?

The collection of intelligent coffee robots may give you a glimpse of the future of the coffee shop.


Future trends

The global coffee market is entering a stage of rapid development and is also facing great challenges. With the upgrading of the entire coffee industry, the expansion of the market and the technological innovation expedited under the epidemic environment, the intelligence of coffee has become a new and inevitable trend.

The collection of intelligent coffee robots can replace the complex form of barista + coffee bar and realize the automatic production of coffee drinks.

The hardware is mainly composed of cooperative robots and Swiss imported coffee machines that won the international gold cup award. The overall floor area is less than 2 square meters, and can be easily embedded in various venues. It can provide various flavors of coffee, and can make a cup of high-quality freshly ground coffee in 1-2 minutes on average.


Standard production with mature process

The technological level of coffee has been very standard. Every step from coffee grinding to coffee making can be fully automated. The cross-border participation of robots can release productivity and reduce costs.


Strong technology and stable process

Robot technology is becoming more and more mature, and its application is gradually expanding from the industrial field to the life field. Customized robot consumption has become an upsurge.

The collaborative robot developed by intelligent manufacturing has the advantages of convenient operation, flexibility and high precision of repeated positioning. Its own stability and the algorithm behind it support the master jacquard reproduction technology.

Coffee robots rely on cooperative robots to complete advanced technical processes such as cup receiving, cup placing, arm lifting, rotation, cleaning, and even flower pulling.

The coffee machine and the drawing cup can be cleaned automatically, and the full-automatic operation does not require manual cooperation, which further ensures the health and safety of coffee drinks.

03 Fast production all year round

Coffee shops often need to wait in line during rush hours. In order to ensure the efficiency of cup making, baristas will pay more attention to the production speed, which makes it difficult to take into account the quality of coffee.

The use of coffee robots not only ensures the quality of the production process, but also improves the efficiency of coffee production.

The coffee robot has sufficient materials and can operate 24 hours a day.

Office workers can order online through their mobile phones to customize freshly ground coffee that meets their own tastes. They can also choose the flower shape to enjoy freshly baked customized coffee drinks in 1-2 minutes.


Technology enabled creative drainage

The technological elements brought by the coffee robot can attract more people to punch in. The high standard and stable service of the robot can also bring customers a better technological experience.

The collection of intelligent coffee robots can be easily embedded in various sites, and can be flexibly deployed in batches. No matter in crowded shopping malls, office buildings and communities, coffee can be sold unattended.

As the heat fades, the robot can also become your loyal partner, making mellow freshly ground coffee day after day.

In the future, coffee shops may be unmanned and intelligent, but the story behind a cup of coffee and the innovation of coffee varieties still need to be written by people. The cooperation between people and robots may be the future trend of social development.

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