Cleaning robot breaks through major key technologie

2022-06-20 15:45

During the working process of large-capacity cleaning robots, the dust pushing cloth needs to be cleaned in time. At present, most cleaning robots in the market basically complete the disassembly and replacement of dust pushing cloth manually. After two years of hard research and development, Jiji intelligent manufacturing has overcome a number of key technologies. Through the multi-sensor fusion, the precise alignment of the position, the large space fault-tolerant design of the cleaning mechanism, the sewage and clean water circulation separation technology, the manual scrubbing technology, etc., have completely solved the problem of automatic cleaning of dust pushing cloth, provided a new experience of all-weather cleaning, disinfection and disinfection and sterilization for large shopping malls, hospitals and other public places, completely replaced the ground cleaning personnel, and reduced the enterprise cost.

With the change of population structure and the rising labor cost, the demand for using intelligent robots to solve simple and repetitive labor is increasing day by day.

A large proportion of the labor cost of many shopping malls and property companies lies in cleaners. The new generation group has low willingness to engage in the cleaning industry, and the labor contradiction in the cleaning industry will continue to intensify.

Affected by the epidemic, the demand for cleaning robots in the commercial public market is also growing, and cleaning robots are accelerating in airports, hospitals, office buildings and other application scenarios.

Based on the needs of the cleaning market, Jiji intelligent manufacturing creates a cleaning robot, which can effectively solve the problems of lack of personnel in the cleaning industry and unstable cleaning quality.

The core technologies of cleaning robot mainly include automatic navigation technology, autonomous obstacle avoidance technology, human-computer interaction technology, map building technology, sewage recycling technology, cleaning and disinfection technology, etc.

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