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2022-11-21 12:40

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With the information and intelligent development of the whole society, the demand for picking operation to use unmanned intelligent equipment to replace or assist manual operation is growing rapidly every day.

The manufacturing industry often has heavy load, clamping function and other requirements for the unmanned picking mobile robot equipment, and the flexibility, site adaptability and use cost of the unmanned picking mobile robot will be the factors that users pay great attention to.

Jicui Intelligent Manufacturing has developed an outdoor mobile compositor, which breaks through the key and neck blocking technologies such as autonomous navigation, visual capture, remote image transmission, high-precision positioning, and ultra long endurance, becoming a classic mobile robot.

▊ Intelligent vision system, giving robot "two eyes"

The intelligent unmanned automatic picking mobile robot is equipped with Eyes vision module, which endows the robot with eyes and brains, can quickly identify the characteristics and changes of the picked objects, locate more accurately, and can be more flexible and efficient in various scene applications.

The picking mobile robot uses a depth camera to detect the distance, and is equipped with a thermal imager and a camera with infrared function to distinguish the heat. At the same time, in order to improve the picking speed, it uses the camera to accurately identify, so as to drive the mechanical arm and claw to complete the picking.


The depth camera positioning module also completes the collaborative positioning. Because the installation position is at the mechanical gripper, the target can be observed closely. As the depth camera has a ranging function, it can effectively judge the height from the ground and other information in the process of grasping, so it is used to calculate the grasping distance and evaluate the grasping behavior.

▊ 高性能夹具,自主抓取拣选

The intelligent unmanned automatic picking mobile robot has successfully broken through intelligent grabbing and multi-sensor information fusion technology, including defect recognition based on deep learning and 3D grabbing algorithm (realizing accurate grabbing by robot and developing defect recognition algorithm based on deep learning) Humanoid adaptive gripper and flexible end clamping technology (using under actuated technology and flexible materials, which can automatically adapt to different types of workpieces and different scenarios).

Clamping design is adopted for the gripper, which has self-locking and overload protection functions to meet the transfer demand during the operation of the mechanical arm. The load capacity exceeds 25 Kg. The clamping type hydraulic mechanical claw adopts a parallel mechanical claw structure. The main connecting rod is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and the claw is dragged to open and close.


▊ High precision positioning, independent outdoor navigation

The intelligent unmanned automatic picking mobile robot adopts a positioning and navigation system based on GNSS/inertial navigation/radar multi-element heterogeneous fusion. Facing the needs of outdoor collection and retrieval operation system for GNSS positioning and navigation, and aiming at the problems of positioning accuracy and stability, it constructs the navigation system architecture of the autonomous retrieval operation system.


The positioning progress of the picking mobile robot system is ± 10cm, and the robot can realize the minimum 1cm fragment grasping.

▊ HD image transmission, remote control is not a problem

Excellent wireless image transmission technology has the characteristics of stable transmission, clear and smooth image, anti-interference, anti occlusion, low delay, etc. The factors that affect the image transmission performance include signal receiving sensitivity, antenna, occlusion and electromagnetic interference.

The intelligent unmanned automatic sorting mobile robot is equipped with a high-definition image transmission module, with a communication distance of 2km, a communication delay of less than 300ms, and a 360 ° circumferential monitoring capability for the operating environment. With the function of multi-channel video transmission, the robot operation status can be monitored through the screen of the command car system, and the remote operation of the equipment can be realized through the remote control system. The image transmission module obtains the video data around the vehicle body by the robot decision-making controller, and directly transmits it to the background command and control system through the image transmission module.


▊ Long endurance chassis battery, high-quality assembly system

The intelligent unmanned automatic sorting mobile robot can be fully charged after 2 hours of charging, and its ultra long endurance can be used for 100 hours. In the battery management system, it has the power display and online charging functions, which can effectively improve its endurance and emergency response capabilities. The sensors carried on the mobile robot chassis are 3D laser subarray module, depth camera, module, module, ultrasonic module, camera and other sensors. In addition, it is equipped with SCM, industrial personal computer and other control equipment. In addition, it has IP60 protection accessories to meet the requirements of dust removal and waterproof.


JIEJIANG Intelligent Manufacturing breaks through the key technologies of the core control system, which not only ensures the reliability of the mobile sorter operation, but also can develop more targeted operation functions according to the application scenarios.

The overall design for picking operation also makes the intelligent picking mobile robot have a better human-computer interaction ability, and its body is equipped with an operation interface that allows staff to easily master the use method.

In the future, Jicui Intelligent Manufacturing will also meet the needs of various scenarios with better services and lower costs. With the development of technology, robots can solve more problems. JIEJI Intelligent Manufacturing will meet the coming of the era of intelligent mobile robots through continuous innovation and breakthrough.

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