When the cooperative robot has remote sensing force control, medical, aviation and immersive experie

2022-11-17 14:16


Excellent cooperative robot+force feedback device

What can I do?

People have five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Among them, touch (force sense) is the only information carrier with the ability of two-way transmission of information. Through the application of force feedback equipment, customers can interact with robots according to human body language to obtain the same sense of motion as when touching actual objects, that is, they can generate a real sense of immersion.

An excellent cooperative robot+force feedback device can achieve: the operator can move freely at will, with low driving inertia and low friction, no action limit, and give customers a real sense of immersion.

Jicui Intelligent Manufacturing launched a new collaborative robot and contact force feedback device system. Cooperative robots can combine force sensing technology and appropriate end effector tools to complete the required tasks. The use of haptic feedback allows the operator to manually control the robot, rather than just program it. This real-time interaction mode allows the operator to feel the interaction between the end effector and the environment while moving the robot.

Cooperative robot

The intelligent manufacturing cooperation robot, self-made high power density motor, drive control integrated joint module, and high positioning accuracy robot body form a safe, easy to use, flexible, and high human-computer interaction performance. The unique drag teaching, collision detection technology and self-developed programming language, on the basis of ensuring safety, make the cooperative robot more intelligent, flexible, simple to operate, and reduce the threshold of robot use. It is used in precision manufacturing, scientific research, education and training, medical care and other fields with high flexibility, strong adaptability and effective reduction of enterprise production costs.集萃智造协作机器人,自制高功率密度电机、驱控一体化关节模组、高定位精度机器人本体,组成安全、易用、灵活、人机交互性能高。特有的拖动示教、碰撞检测技术和自开发的编程语言,在保证安全的基础上使协作机器人更加智能化、柔性化,操作简单,降低机器人使用门槛。用于精密制造、科研、教育培训、医疗护理等领域,灵活性高,适应性强,有效降低企业生产成本。


Contact force feedback device

The contact force feedback device adopts omega 3. The high-quality mechanical stiffness of the product, combined with the real-time controller, can render the contact force at a rate of 4 KHz. In order to provide tactile transparency, the passive and actuating parts of the device are combined to maintain accurate gravity compensation in translation and positioning space. Each system is calibrated separately to ensure repeatable accuracy and performance. Its unique kinematics design enables the base to adapt to various interchangeable end effectors to meet a variety of application requirements.



There are no restrictions on application scenarios. Medical, aviation and virtual experience are all OK

Minimally invasive surgery


As the representative of current medical equipment, surgical robot integrates modern high technology. However, one of the main shortcomings of the existing RMIS system is the lack of force feedback information. Applying force feedback to RMIS system is an active research topic, so that robot surgery can also achieve "hand eye coordination".

Remote surgery


The extended application of micro external surgical robot, combined with wireless communication, Internet communication and other ways, can achieve timely treatment for patients across time and space. In this process, the sense of presence provided by force touch is more important, which greatly guarantees the safety of surgical treatment.

Special remote control

Space technology, ocean exploration, military war... special robots have extremely important practical significance and strong humanitarian color.


Advanced robots working in dangerous or harmful environments are urgently needed in many fields. The corresponding research focus of robot technology has gradually developed from fully autonomous to interactive. Telepresence is the core of human-machine environment teleoperation interaction.

Micro nano control


The generalized micro nano manipulation covers the force and position measurement and motion control of millimeter, micrometer and nanometer devices. Due to the limitations of the current technical level, it is difficult to achieve the manipulation level of macro devices, but its huge application value inevitably requires the micro nano manipulation to develop towards high real-time and interactive.

Virtual training


Immersive virtual reality interaction enables skills training in special fields, such as flight simulation training, surgical practice, etc.



Nowadays, more and more cooperative robots are used in all walks of life around the world. Not only in the field of traditional industrial robots, but also in those innovative applications, when robots need higher flexibility and cooperation with people, the advantages of cooperative robots become more obvious.

In the future, combined with this cooperation mode of human-computer advantages, cooperative robots will have great potential in many industries such as 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics), medicine, food and beverage, logistics, etc. In these fields with many categories, small space and high flexibility requirements, robots can replace human beings to complete repetitive and unsuitable heavy and even dangerous work, while human beings are better at doing work that needs flexibility and dexterity. Human computer cooperation will help users realize automation upgrading and transformation with limited investment to achieve better ROI.

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