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Analysis of the core technology of cooperative robot

As the latest development direction of robots in the field of industrial automation, the cooperative robot perfectly combines human intelligence and robot efficiency, making production more flexibl...

gather and watch! A collection of robot products of "integrating technology and enabling design" mad

From December 15 to 18, the 9th Chengdu Creative Design Week with the theme of "Design empowering creative cultural tourism", hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government, was held in the Ne...

Looking around the "technology and ruthlessness" in the World Cup, these "black technologies" are aw

The Qatar World Cup in 2022 has invested more than 220 billion dollars, which can be called the "most expensive World Cup in history".These investments are not only used in the construction of venu...

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"Create a new picture of modernization", Xinhua Daily's all media team visited the gathering of smar

On November 30, the Nanjing Branch of Xinhua Daily and the Jiangbei New Area Research and Innovation Park jointly held the launching ceremony and the first interview activity of the all media news ...

Application of Emerging Technologies on Cooperative Robots

At present, the application of AI technology in cooperative robot products mainly focuses on "machine vision" and "machine learning". At this stage, AI technology is defined as an algorithm technol...

marvellous! Metauniverse+writing robot+integration, gathering to help "wonderful pen to produce flow

The 2022 China (Nanjing) Culture and Science and Technology Integration Exhibition and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as "the Fair") was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center (Xinzhu...

Supporting facilities around the cooperative robot

The concept of collaborative peripheral supporting applications is more extensive. It will have a broader development prospect if robots, terminal execution tools, vision, AGV, electronic skin, app...

Gather intelligent manufacturers to research and develop outdoor mobile recombiners, break through t

Guided ReadingWith the information and intelligent development of the whole society, the demand for picking operation to use unmanned intelligent equipment to replace or assist manual operation is ...

Core fields of cooperative robot technology

The technology related to cooperative robot products can be divided into three core areas, namely perception, cognition and structure. These three areas cover the whole process of robot products in...

When the cooperative robot has remote sensing force control, medical, aviation and immersive experie

Excellent cooperative robot+force feedback deviceWhat can I do?People have five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Among them, touch (force sense) is the only information carrier with ...

Application analysis of cooperative robot 2

Automobile and related industries The automobile industry is an industry with a high level of automation, but some sections with relatively complicated processes and flexible processes still need t...

Application of cooperative robots in clothing, new retail and other fields

With its characteristic advantages of low dead weight, high flexibility, easy programming, rapid configuration, small limitation of working space, cooperative robots are widely used in 3C, automobi...

Analysis of cooperative robot application scenarios

Personalized production line with high flexibility requirements: the core of flexible production is to make use of the characteristics of collaborative robots such as easy deployment, flexibility, ...

Differences between industrial robots and cooperative robots

Collaborative robots belong to industrial robots as well, but what are the technical differences between them and traditional six axis robots?In the field of robot application, the traditional six ...

Introduction to Collaborative Robots

IIMT launched a six axis cooperative robot, which explains the innovation gene of its products with its strength. This robot does not need to install a protective fence, and can work close to peopl...
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